Box braids hairstyles to do yourself

This hairstyle is great because of an opportunity to create a great effect of a long hair and wear variou hairstyles which look complex but are actually quite simple to do yourself. This kind of style is also great, because it is able to protect your natural hair along with low maintenance. There can arise some problems with weak brittle hair, but using this hair do you can hide all weaknesses. The most eye-catching styles are as follows: buns (very modern and popular, very simple with elements of braiding hair), ponytails (looks great when wrapped with a silken scarf), twists (very creative look, especially when it comes with a high ponytail or front section of your forehead), and braids (asymmetric and wrapped are just stunning ideas). Have you already decided which one you are after?

Best waterproof eyeliners for summer

Oh, that’s a dream of any girl who adores everyday swimming in summer, no matter if this is the ocean or just a pool. If you constantly use the eyeliner, get some strongly waterproof for summer to keep your image all the time. Consider the Aflo Inn products, Bobbi Stu Collection, the pans of Clio, and many other that are affordable and really stunning. The main rule is, don’t be afraid to try many at home, so you are maximum confident about it when you go to treat yourself another great summer bath. If you know any other collection for a budget conscious women, tell us and we’ll check it by ourselves!

Professional makeup tips you did not know before

We are going to tell you some great tips based on the years of experience of the leading makeup artists. So, let’s start with cheeks. The director of Ardency Inn says the next: try to apply two shades of blush to highlight the perfectness of youth. Try some red colors, probably pink, to place on the apple of the cheek; everybody will love the effect of blood coming to the surface, it looks fresh and healthy! And then is the time for peach, coral, or anything in the orange to apply to the highest point of the cheekbone. Did you know it gives the effect of heat raising? There are different ways to finish the makeup. One of the best one is to bring a matte bronzer to the skin where sun hits the face (forehead, cheekbone, bridge of nose, and chin). As for face, try to make the foundation thicker, mix in a touch of loose powder (but don’t use too much of it!). Now come eyes. To reduce puffiness, use an icebox and eye lotion – apply it to lids before eye makeup. It will bring your eyes a fresh look.

Makeup secrets from artists

We’ve collected the best makeup secrets of the latest season from film artists. They know how to look great! These tips are very simple and can be performed at home for a couple of minutes. So, during your next makeup, think about one of these tricks: ditch the oil slick, try a colored eyeliner, size up your eyes, style your brows keeping the balance between the brows and nose, give your lashes a wet look and be ready to impress your friends. Have you already tried one of these? Never be afraid to experiment, but don’t go overboard! Natural look is always the trendiest, right?

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